Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday at home

The photos just don't capture the absolute beauty I get to enjoy each morning. This morning I saw the full range of colours. Red, orange, yellow, green and then the blue that just got darker. It was stunning. And I know you can't see the green in the photo - but it was there.
The girls enjoys some cuddle time.
Hannah loves trying on every one's shoes. So here she is in Dad's slippers.
And because we were not going to get into town this weekend, we decided to just make a plan for now with the dishwasher. So it's sticking out and the pipe is coming over the front - but for now it means I have a dishwasher that is working and after a week of doing dishes I am so thankful for the amount of time it saves me.
And because I am trying to get us to eat as many veggies as possible (especially for Ruth's fingers) I thought I would have to come up with some way of making things a bit different (other than just pork stews all the time). So I decided to get some chicken this morning. Ruth came with to the local shop where she won the colouring-in competition and so it was nice for her to see her picture up on the window.
And the chicken casserole was a huge success (even though there were 7 different veggies hidden in it). And there are 2 portions in the freezer so my stocks are starting to build up again.

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