Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poor little finger

On Sunday I noticed that Ruth has another swollen finger. So it seems we are just swapping one are for another at this stage and the medication is not helping. We only have 2 of the 4 herbal products so far, but we also know that the natural medicines can take a little longer to get working. We are hoping to have the other 2 products early next week and we are praying that they will help.
We also decided today that we need to officially look for other accommodation. It it just too cold in this house. So when I went to collect Rachel from the Brownie pick up point, I mentioned it to the others Mom's who were there. Immediately the one lady said "there is an advert in today's school newsletter". So when she got home she called me with the details (we do get the school newsletter in our mail but only on the Friday). I called and left a message this evening and we are praying that the Lord would make things clear and if it is His will, that He would provide us with a warm place to move to.

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