Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kitchen moved

Today two of the ladies from church came over to help me pack up my kitchen. What a blessing it was to have their help. Jan brought two of her boys with and so we headed over to the house. All that had been moved last week was still sitting in the garage. So Jan and I took the bookshelves up to the library and then the boys were left behind to take up boxes of books. Some of them were so heavy they had to share the contents between two boxes to manage to get them up the stairs. They even unpacked then on the shelves. They also took a few loose items upstairs for us too. So it was a blessing to not only get so much into the house but also get 15 boxes unpacked. And they did a great job too.
When we got back the girls were having fun in one of the banana boxes they had brought along. And Maureen had gotten stuck into packing up. I had showed her where the things were that we would need for the rest of this week and they just flew through the rest of the cupboards.
And as they emptied cupboards they cleaned them too. What a blessing.
The girls where quite good in keeping themselves entertained while we worked.
They arrived at 11, Jan and I were back by 12 and the packing was done by 1. By this stage the two little ones went down for their nap. So Jan and Maureen headed over to have lunch with the boys (they had even brought their own lunch). And she had insisted on not going over with an empty car - so they took ALL the boxes they had packed.
They got back to our place around 3 having UNPACKED ALL the boxes into the new kitchen. WOW!!! No worrying about a lot of glass things on moving day. It's all happily in the cupboards at the new place already. And so much less unpacking for me to do.
The boys had their puppy with which my girls really enjoyed. Rachel had taken her lunch to have with them at the new house and I think her biggest motivation to go was to see the puppy.
We enjoyed a nice chat over a cup of coffee and the little two got to enjoy the puppy for a bit too.
Here puppy thinks Hannah's feet are really good for licking... :D
I just thank the Lord over and over again for the wonderful provision of all this amazing help. We feel so blessed and cared for. God is so good.

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