Monday, July 27, 2009

First friends over

Another frosty morning. The ice on the table is so beautiful to watch as the sun catches it.
The girls are loving their play area.
It's so nice to have the space for their toys and they have found all the dress up clothes too. Even the dolls clothes that become dress up clothes for the younger two. :-)
Ruth seems to get layers of dress up clothes on.
Cutie pie.
This afternoon we had 3 of the Love girls come to play. Ruth went to Danielle's 4th party in January and Rachel went to Julia's 8th this month (and the rest of us accompanied). So it was nice for them to get to play here for a little while.
I had also bought Ruth a bike on Trade Me and Brendon surprised us by bringing it home today (friends on the farm often bring things from town but I did not know they would get it this weekend already). So she is thrilled.
We had bangers and mash for dinner again tonight. But for a change I added a swede (that our new landlords had given us) to the potatoes. For info on what a swede (or rutabaga) is check out this link.
I did not realize it would go orange when cooked, so it looked rather strange. I only thought to take a photo after we started eating - so Rachel's was the only one I could get a photo of - the rest of us smother ours in gravy. And although Rachel did not enjoy it as much as normal potatoes, I so enjoyed it - it had a sweeter taste and I would love to do it again.
And Brendon borrowed a square screw driver from the office so he could get into the roof. You must remember that our upstairs is literally in the roof, so he only had to go across and not up. The reason was to change the TV satellite connection from the upstairs cable to the downstairs cable so he could get the TV going. Which he managed successfully.
I must also add that it was good to do because we realized how much the insulation is doing for the warmth of the house. It was FREEZING in there.

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Fiona Macneil said...

I never knew a swede was called Rutabaga. We have had it since we came here, and is very popular in babies meals because it is so sweet. They traditionally serve it here mashed with carrots, or chopped in small pieces with small pieces of carrots, the blend is rather nice.