Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coughing and cake

Last night was a terrible night for Ruth and I was up giving her cough mixture almost every 2 hours. Eventually at around 3 or 4 she finally got to sleep and she ended up sleeping till 11am (again in the camping cot next to our bed so she did not disturb her sisters).
So while she slept through the morning Rachel played with Hannah and I got all the birthday cakes baked for Saturday. The little two are the gluten free ones made especially for Ruth and they worked really well (my best gluten free cake so far). They all then went into the freezer and will be taken out for Friday's decorating session. It was the first birthday of doing it this way and it was so nice to have the cakes baked and ready. Less to do later in the week.
Now we are just praying that Ruth would be well enough for a party on Saturday. Thankfully the cakes will last if we need to postpone the party. But Lord willing we will not have to disappoint her in doing that and she can enjoy the celebration on Saturday.

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