Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a lovely walk

A friend had encouraged me to get out walking with the girls and so today I took Ruth and Hannah for a walk down the road. Rachel is still not completely well, so she stayed home. What a lovely walk we had. The sheep on the rolling hills was just beautiful. And it was not really that cold out either. It was a beautiful clear day and I think it was warmer outside than in our bedrooms.
The cows were also great as they came over to us as soon as we got close. We went a bit further and gave the horse a few apples too (photos taken on tomorrows walk with more details).
We also got to chat about so many things. This was the apple tree we got most of our hundreds of apples off a few months ago. Quite a change. So it was fun to talk to Ruth about the different seasons and all the fun things involved in that.
These trees where a lovely example of ever greens and those that are not. Ruth then asked if those where apples on the trees. I told her they were pine cones. I asked what we did with pine cones and she said "put them in the fire". We use pine cones to start the fire, so it was good to know she knew what I was talking about even though she could not see them clearly.
On our way back Bob had just moved the electric fence on this field. The farmers will only open up a few meters of the field at a time (otherwise the sheep will just eat it all). So you can see the far left was two days ago and the ground is just mud. Yesterdays there is a little bit of green left, but on the right is how it starts off. It is a very common site at this time of year to see the sheep all down one long line of a field, eating the grass (and in this case it's oats) that have been opened up for them.
A close up shot just to show you how high it is. Right up to their tummies.

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