Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lunch time

This photo was taken just before mid-day and the frost is still there. This section of the lawn does not see much sun and so you can see the snow will last here for a while. We will probably have frost every morning this week. But that also means beautiful clear days with such a stunning blue sky.
Rachel had asked that we have pancakes and when I said Ruth can't have (being on a gluten free diet and I don't really like her gluten free pancakes) Rachel suggested that I just make Ruth's firs and then make ours. So yesterday I took her up on that BUT she got the job of making ours. I used Ruth's as a "demonstration" and then left her to make ours.
We only used half the mixture yesterday, so she got to practice the cooking side of it again today. And because we had less to do (the batter being ready) I spent some time doing some "flips" with her which she LOVED. She will be using an egg flip to turn them over for a while, but it's nice for her to get the feel of how to actually flip them.

She did a really good job. Today's looked just like the ones I make. And we actually ended up sharing the cooking because we started cooking too late and so started eating as they got cooked. So while she ate I would cook and while I ate she would cook. It worked so nicely. I can finally have hot pancakes at the same time as the family.

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