Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3rd lot of snow

When it was light enough to see outside this morning I noticed that it was very overcast. I also noticed that the wood box was almost empty. So I headed out to get some wood and I could not even see that mountain at the end of our road (see previous photo on this link) and I don't think I could even see the neighbour hedge. So I hurriedly got two loads in and as soon as I had the second load unpacked by the back door (under shelter) it started to rain. By the time I had put the wood inside it had started to hail. The most beautiful small balls. So very pretty.
And shortly after finishing I noticed that it was snowing.
This was at 9:10
I wanted to prove that it did actually snow because I did not know how much would fall.
By 9:20 there was already a lot more.
And by 10:20 we had a beautiful winter wonderland outside.

By 12:20 the sun was out, the sky was a beautiful blue and the snow was starting to melt. There are sections of the garden that don't see the sun, so the snow will hang around for a few days I am sure.
It was the most amazing and beautiful day.

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