Friday, May 15, 2009

Orana Park video

It was only after using Rachel's camera today for some video that we found out it does not have sound. So we apologize for the lack of sound effect. It's such a pity, because it adds so much. We had a really lovely day.

For an extra fee you can get to be inside the cage on that vehicle while they feed the lions. They just give them little bits to eat and the lions really put on a show.
And then they get their big pieces of meat out that shoot. You can see they know it's coming. And the sound here was wonderful to hear. You will have to come and visit and see and hear it for yourself. :-)

Unfortunately there is no sound. But watch the cheetah on the left and you can see the meow. It was amazing to hear.

When feeding the wild dogs they just throw a big piece of meat in and they all just fight for their own piece. Each dog does not necessary manage to get any meat for themselves every day, but it works out in the end.

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