Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good improvement

I got some blood results today and it was really good to know we are moving in the right direction with Ruth's iron levels.
2 years old: Ferritin 6, Haemoglobin 100
2 y 4 months: Ferritin 14, Haemoglobin 102
2 y 10 months: Ferritin 19, Haemoglobin 108
So even without iron supplements we are managing to get those levels up. Which is so encouraging.

I decided it was time to check her weight and height too and that was encouraging too.
2 y 5 months: W 10,7kg, H 84,5cm
2 y 10 months: W 11,7kg, H 89cm
This was wonderful to see. I think getting her on the gluten free diet has really helped so very much. It may not seem much to have put on 1kg in 5 months, but for our little Ruth this is great. And that she has grown 4,5cm - this was such a lovely surprise to me.

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