Saturday, April 11, 2009

Resurrection Cookies

I have read about Resurrection Cookies so many times and finally this year we got around to doing them. Just before bed time the two older girls joined me in the kitchen for a baking and Easter lesson.
This photo is of them crushing nuts - they are hitting the nuts just as Christ was hit.
They tasted the ingredients as they went in:
Vinegar - when Christ was thirsty they gave him vinegar
Salt - the tears that were shed by those who loved him
Sugar - the sweetest part of the story is God's love for us
We also added the egg white - egg represents life - Christ gave His life so that we could have life
Once our mixture was ready we put teaspoons full onto a backing trays (each one represented a small tomb). Then we put the trays in the oven and sealed it closed with tape - Christ was put in a tomb and it was sealed
It was wonderful for Rachel to finally enjoy this hands on lesson and it was nice that Ruth is old enough to be a part too. They were sad when they had to leave them in the oven and go to bed - just as those who followed Christ were sad when He had died.

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