Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rachel's Party

The girls in the family all dressed up for the party.
Rachel - very happy with her cake.
All the girls.
Rachel enjoyed being able to cut the cake herself.
She had hoped to get one of the smartie flowers on the top section but graciously gave the peaces to her friends. Well, one of the friends decided to give her smartie flower to Rachel - so very kind of her. And then Rachel ended up having the R on the middle section - so that worked out well too.
I had some left over icing and so the girls had a sculpting competition. The winner got a "Visual Diary" similar to what Rachel also got - an A4 spiral bound drawing book. They all had a lot of fun making something and then eating their creation. :-)
The girls had so much fun on the climbing frame. It was their ship and I heard one girl say "Rachel is the captain because it's her birthday".
It was lovely to have our neighbours Bob and Lynn join us again. They are very special to Rachel.

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