Sunday, March 8, 2009


This morning we headed out onto the peninsula. We took the high scenic road on the way out and really enjoyed the beauty of it all. We came back along the road that is right next to the harbour - the water literally a couple of meters from the car.
We enjoyed most of the morning walking around Larnach Castle. It was very beautiful but once again no photos were allowed to be taken in side (you will have to come check it out for yourself). We also learnt a lot about it all as they had a lovely "children's guide" that Rachel was given which had lots of interesting information in.
We could at least take a photo from the turret.
So we got a nice shot of some of the gardens. We were given maps of the many gardens around the castle but we did not get to walk around all that much of it. It was very beautiful though.
And the view out over the Harbour.
After lunch we headed out to the tip of the peninsula where the Royal Albatross Centre is. It was incredibly windy and the "tour" would be too long and too expensive so we just enjoyed a time of walking around the centre and watching some of the many videos that they had going and reading up about some of the information that was all over the place (on the Albatross as well as other wildlife in the area).
They are such amazing birds.
We then headed up to Waimate where we had dinner and stayed over. Ruth found Nana's socks and shoes and tried them of for size.
We finally worked out a way of not worrying about Hannah falling down the steps at the van's door. She had so much fun walking around the van.
We traveled around 240km today (including the trip out on the peninsula).

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