Saturday, January 24, 2009

Plum & Sun

Dad helped Rachel pick the last of the plums.
Then I got busy in the kitchen and we have 4 bottles done.
I just hope they will taste good.
We have not used these shells in years but were very thankful we still have them. It has been so incredibly hot and so the girls got to "cool off" a bit.
Ruth can fit lying down.
Hannah loves being outside.
While the girls were outside this lovely cat came over to say hello. Rachel has named it "Beauty". It is a very friendly cat.

Here is Rachel watering the veggies. Those potato plants are getting really big. They have grown so much since the begining of the month. The row to the left has peas (growing up the climbers) and in front of those is silverbeat (spinach). To the left you can see that our sweet corn are trying to grow again. We don't know if we will get any "fruit" after they were chomped down before. But we will wait and see. To the right of the potato plants we have some tomato plants that are also getting quite big and then some zucchini plants which are coming along (put possibly planted too late). And then all the weeds. :-( Yes, we have to do quite a bit of weeding some time soon.....

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