Monday, January 5, 2009

Homemade Biltong

Today I made my first batch of home made pork biltong. It does look different to beef, so don't judge it too much on it's colour. I got this batch made in a day with the dehydrator I bought off Trade Me (and could pick up when we were in town on Sunday).
I followed the recipe but have agreement from Brendon to use less salt next time and more coriander. You have to make sure you rinse off all the salt before you dry it out (which I did) but Brendon has suggested that I try to get some of the coriander to stay on as that really does give it that typical "biltong" taste.
Thanks to those SA families overseas who have inspired us to give this a go.
This photo was only taken on Wednesday - so a lot of the small peaces have already been eaten.


Sharon said...

Cool, I am so glad it worked. I usually sprinkle more of the 'dry fried and crushed' coriander on the meat once I have layered it on the drying racks - before drying.

Buckland said...

Yeah, I thought that would probably be what i do next time. The roasted crushed coriander really does smell and taste so nice.
Thanks for the tip.