Sunday, December 21, 2008

Biscuit tradition

We baked our tradition 300 + Christmas biscuits over the weekend. Ruth also wanted to help, so she packed the cool biscuits into the container. The biscuits got made on Saturday morning.
Then on Sunday afternoon the packaging started.
Quickly we worked out a good system. Dad, Ruth and Rachel put cards and biscuits into the packets and then Mom sealed them.
45 packets ready to go. Brendon will take to all the workers on the farm on Monday. There are normally around 45 people but some may be away. We then also give out to neighbours and friends.
It has been a nice family tradition to make these biscuits every year and it was so much fun this year having more hands to help. It was a nice practical way for Ruth especially to do something for someone else. With all the presents she got on Saturday it was nice for her to have some "presents" to give away.

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