Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 - Part 3

Friends at church are Taxidermists and so we got to visit their workshop and learn all about it.
The story behind the baby zebra is quite sad. The hunter was very wrong to shoot a female zebra as they always look bloated and so you don't know if they are pregnant or not (you don't shoot pregnant animals). Well, this female was pregnant and this baby was ready to be born. So a sad story but amazing to be able to touch it and see the perfection of this little baby.

It's time Rachel gave away some of her teddies - so we decided to take photos of them all so that even though she does not have them all anymore she can still remember them. Having not bought her one teddy ourselves we are quite amazed at how many teddies one little girl can collect in just 4 year. We gave bags full to a local children's home and know the teddies are going to be very much appreciated there.

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