Sunday, November 11, 2018

Assembly and Armistice

Friday 9 Nov: A certificate for Hezekiah at assembly today. Well done!
Hezekiah was also so excited about going to Youth Group for the first time this evening. It's from 7 years old - so he although he could have gone 2 weeks ago, we had other plans.
Anastasia having so much fun with Dad and trying to say "more" so sweetly.
Saturday 10th: One advantage of having an older sister with a license -trips to the tea room.

Sunday 11th: A different day today with our church and many others joining together to have an Armistice service - 100 years since the end of World War 1.

So many uniformed people joining in the parade.

Rachel at the front of the St John Youth, leading the colour party.

So special to be part of this special event.

Just a short clip to capture the power of the canons that fired 100 times during the morning.
Flag flown at half mast.
And even a fly by.
They came past together.
And then a bit later one by one. It was a very special addition to the morning.

Then we met up with friends at a local part to have a picnic lunch.

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