Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Big hair cut and walking before 1

Sunday 11th: This afternoon Ruth was enjoying the sun and Asher took the opportunity to have a cuddle.
Hannah had a very big hair cut this afternoon. This photo doesn't show the cut very well, but it does show some of the hair that was cut off. I don't know why we didn't think of cutting it shorter ages ago. Being half way down her back looks great, but is so impractical during summer when they swim almost every day at school. Every day she swims she also needs to have an Epsom salt bath to wash off and neutralize the negative effect that the chlorine has on her - so this is a much needed help.
Monday 12th: Another help to Hannah with the chlorine was to take her for EAV testing again. This will help her body to get as strong as it can be (and clear out any existing toxins) before this summer season of so much chlorine exposure. We may need to consider going again once the swimming is over for the season to really make sure her body doesn't have to keep struggling from it.
A better shot of her new hair cut. I just love her big curls.
Fun on the deck while Dad does the BBQ.
Showing off her walking before her 1st birthday.
Tuesday 13th: She loves music and it's so fun watching her "dance". This was taken 1

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