Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Music Festival 2018

Brendon, Anastasia and I enjoyed a beautiful day in town today. So nice to sit and enjoy the sun.
Anastasia was thrilled when these ducks headed over to us.
She decided to try and touch them, but they kept just that little bit ahead of her.
We had a lovely lunch. What great timing that they had 2 for the price of one on their stone grill today.
We asked for chips for Anastasia within minutes of arriving, so at least she didn't have long to wait before she could start eating. She didn't sleep as long as she normally does in the morning, so I think she was a bit more hungry. She really enjoyed the chips too.
My lower back has been worrying me over the last few days and got progressively worse through the day today. Thankfully I was able to get an appointment with our chiropractor in the afternoon. I was able to walk out a lot more comfortable than when I arrived, and with just one anti-inflammatory tablet, I was feeling so much better the next day.
We managed to meet up with Ruth and Hannah at the mall before they headed to the Horncastle Arena for the show. I forgot to take photos. They both had a really special day with very special friends. Both girls went home with their friends after the show and stayed the night with them, sleeping in a bit in the morning before heading to school. This allowed Brendon and I to just stay in town as we did last year. It's so nice getting into bed so much sooner than having to ride all the way home. So a nice treat for us all.

Brendon just got my phone on in time to get the end of Anastasia's performance as the choir did their warm up. It was adorable. She even had her left hand going up and down as if she was conducting. You will notice that as the children finish their warm up song, she stops singing too. Adorable.

It's always just so lovely to hear so many voices singing together.
It was great to spot Hurunui College on the screen this year. They don't often get on, and this time it was more than just a couple of seconds. :-)
Special memories for them all.

What a happy song, and so much fun getting them all to clap along.

Eye of the Tiger.
Anastasia was sleeping in Brendon's arms during the interval, so I walked around to get some photos of the girls.
It was Hannah's first time and Ruth's last.

Singing with the orchestra.
I always enjoy watching the percussion section of the orchestra.

A lovely one of the orchestra on their own.

So nice to have such well known songs sung.

What a great finale. And he had the audience singing with at the end here too.

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