Saturday, March 17, 2018

2018 A&P Show School Art

We just missed getting into the room to look at all the artwork on Saturday, so I ended up taking the photos on Monday morning. So at least we can all get to look at the work and keep a nice record of what they did this year.

This photo should be big enough to read if you double click on it. Some very thoughtful and interesting reflections from Ruth here.

Hannah's class on witches. Just trying to have fun and be creative with their writing.

Hezekiah's class did dog faces with their own individual comments.

Asher's class did collage art on insects. Asher did this caterpillar. It was lovely to hear how she happily stuck the paper pieces onto her caterpillar while a boy worked on his next to her. She was not able to write something about it as the other children had done, so they just put her name on the bottom. I'm so glad they didn't do it for her - but just allowed her to do what she was able to do. The background had been painted before she started school, but she did help add sand and other things that got stuck on.

I was also really appreciative of how they included her with this art piece. The other children had done "self portraits" and as Asher is not able to, they just stuck a photo on of her.
The other children had also coloured in their names. I am so glad they just left Asher's white. She is not able to colour in yet, and it wouldn't feel right if it was just done for her. So I'm glad for the inclusion as well as the acceptance for who she is and the limitations that she has. It may seem really simple, but it meant a lot to me to see these art pieces from Asher's class. It made me very thankful.

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