Monday, December 18, 2017

Preschool done and holiay begun

Wednesday 13th: Thankfully Asher got to enjoy her last day at preschool today without any seizure interruption. As the children normally turn 5 and then go to school, she got her 5th birthday crown and they had a little party for her. School starts at the beginning of Feb, but instead of coming for a couple of preschool sessions before her birthday on the 16th, she is going to use those times for her school visits instead.
The final assembly was the end of term for the other children. I think Hezekiah will be riding is bike a lot this holiday. It was great to see him having a nice long chat with Logan. I always appreciate Logan's willingness to chat to and play with Hezekiah (even though he is so much younger).
Brendon had low energy levels on Monday and then started feeling ill when we left the hospital yesterday afternoon.
As we were driving home in two cars, I organized someone to drive him the last section as he was feeling so sick. He spent Wednesday and Thursday in bed. (January 5th update - his energy levels have not gotten back to normal yet. Blood tests showed a viral infection which can take even 6 weeks to recover from.)

Anastasia still needing help with her naps - so Ruth enjoying being home during the day to help with that. :-)
Thursday 14th: Anastasia is 1 month old today and it was my last visit from my midwife, Lindsay. She has been a real blessing.
Friday 15th: Josie treated Asher to wheelbarrow rides today while they spent time outside. She does love it so much.
1 month photos taken today. Thanks Ruth for her first teddy.

This evening Brendon, Rachel and I attended the farm's Christmas party in Hanmer Springs. It was a lovely evening and I quickly took this photo when Brendon was thanked for his 10 years.
Saturday 16th: I managed to get Anastasia comfortable like this today so that I could get some work done.
Sunday 17th: Asher had a seizure this morning at 10am, shortly after we arrived at church.
Ballet concert time. We had a different venue this year, so only one show for the younger girls - which Daniel and I watched. I managed to get videos of their dances but it was a bit hard to get photos in their outfits.
By the time we saw the younger ones after their show, they had already changed. Rachel was in the 2nd show (the senior dances do both) and so I could at least get a photo of her there. You can see the videos and other photos here.
It was a very hot day and was still 27 on our way home at 7pm.
I asked the younger girls to put their outfits back on so I could get some photos.
Hannah in their jazz outfit (Ruth did this dance too).
Ruth in her ballet's Mary Poppins outfit.

Monday 18th: The Champion Centre were given teddies for the children and they had so many that I got 6 - one for each of our children. Hezekiah was thrilled and played so much with his today. He created armour for teddy and himself and had so much fun.
Ruth kindly introduced Hannah to Tom Gates books a few months back and they were a key to unlocking Hannah's enjoyment of reading. (Through the holidays we knew that if we didn't know where Hannah was - she was most likely in her room reading).
It may seem strange - but it was photo worthy seeing Asher enjoying her frankfurters again. She went totally off them when she got sick on the ketogenic diet - so it was nice to have her enjoying them again.

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