Monday, October 9, 2017

Holiday fun - week 1

Sat 30th Sep: The holidays have only just started but Ruth has made a great start to her holiday goal - making a number of loom band items to sell. Asher was checking them all out.

At 4:30pm Asher had a 1 min TC. She had a lot of pain afterwards. It always breaks my heart so, especially that there is no comfort we can really give her. We can also only guess as to what pain she has. We can see pain on her face, but she can't tell us what is hurting.
Having some fun with Hezekiah this afternoon (before the seizure). It's not a simple thing for Asher to learn a new "game" so this was really fun to see. They were playing a bit of "tug of war" with the ball.

Sunday 1st October: Children's monthly photo taken this afternoon.

Monday 2nd: This evening we watched a production of "Little Red Ridding Hood". Ruth has an "Act it up" badge that she is doing with Guides, so she got them practicing today for the performance.
Hezekiah made a great wolf.
Well done.
Tuesday 3rd: Hezekiah's 6th birthday today. It was great that Brendon had taken the day off to help with the party this afternoon. So we could enjoy the tradition of opening presents in the morning as a family. Rachel, Hannah and I bought him a transformer each. He absolutely LOVES them.
He had a great time with his friends over in the afternoon. Those pictures getting on their own blog post. :-)

Hannah and Hezekiah regularly get called on to chase the chooks off the deck. There is one chook who loves just sitting down when you want her to move, so Hannah often gets to pick her up. This is as close as Ruth will get though. She doesn't like the idea of picking them up (even though she has tried).
Ruth and Hezekiah loved the Lego Star Wars ship that he got from a friend for his birthday. Ruth enjoyed building it for him this evening.

Seizure update:
Wed 3pm - 1m TC with pain afterwards again.
Thu 7:15am - 1m TC with shivering afterwards (thankfully no pain).
Thu 7pm - 1m TC with a bit of pain and shivering.
Thankfully she had a nice break after these 3.

Wednesday 4th: This game that he got from another friend is also very popular. (It got so much use this holiday.)
The original plan was that Brendon and I would go and see my midwife for my check up early this evening, but for the first time she had to cancel as she was at a birth. I had shopping to do though, so we just headed down to Amberley and enjoyed some time together (and something special to eat).
Friday 6th: Hezekiah got to visit his friend Sam this morning and Rachel watched Asher so that I could take Ruth and Hannah to a free skate lesson in town that the Champion Centre were given for their families. It was nice for the girls to get this special treat today.
Hannah showing me how she is learning to turn (lifting the front).

I got a bit of shopping done while they were busy (like getting a much needed toaster as ours has been playing up for a while now). After the girls were finished we went back to the shops to get some cheap jandals for summer (they were only $1.50 a pair). I also got to enjoy just relaxing and getting some reading done. A rare treat but one that I have been making an effort to get to more lately.
Trying the ramps at the end of the lesson.
It was a nice morning out. We got some lunch before heading home and also treated the family to pizza for dinner. So a real spoil of a day and a nice highlight for their holidays.

On Saturday morning I headed off before anyone was up, for Parent to Parent training in town. It was held at the Commodore Hotel and we had the whole day Saturday, stayed overnight and finished up around 3pm on Sunday. It was a treat in so many ways as well as a time of learning and growing. I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to attend.
Daniel also came for a visit this weekend, as a surprise for Rachel. He arrived before lunch on Saturday and Rachel had NO idea he was coming. No photos were taken through the weekend. It was rather a wet weekend, so they could do their regular park visit. They did make the traditional pancakes though. :-)
Monday 9th: Anakin such a obliging cat. Hezekiah enjoying his cars and his cat this morning.

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