Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ride, relax, sort and stabalize

Mon 7th: A rough start to the week for Asher with a 1 min TC today at 3pm. We had just collected the children from school and it happened on our way home. I'm glad it wasn't just a few minutes earlier when she was running down to the car. She picks up such a speed and it would have been a nasty fall. So I'm grateful it was just those few minutes later.
Tue 8th: Nice to get to Champion Centre this morning. We are working at teaching Asher "on" and "off" and a couple of other prepositions, so she played with her favourite frogs today putting them "on" the "log" and then jumping them "in" the bucket. She is always a bit distracted by their labels. She just loves these frogs and their labels.
Last Thursday, right at the end of Rachel's ballet lesson, she hurt her foot. She iced it a lot of Friday and it was feeling fine. She had a busy weekend and it didn't worry her at all during the St John competitions (with the drill and Colour Party).
Unfortunately, when she did her first pointing exercise this evening - all the pain came back. She saw a physio on Wed and it seems it's only when she is in her extended point with that foot - and mostly when it's weight bearing. So the advice is 2 weeks rest. Her mock exam is in less than two weeks time. So we have a foot injury and missed practices again, just before exams. Her exam is set for the 28th, less than 3 weeks away now.
Wed 9th: Asher was back at preschool today after 7 weeks away. She has quickly adjusted to her new EIE and I look forward to her catching up on some of the things that she has "lost" over the last couple of months.
It was great to see her quickly back to enjoying the bikes. She is going to love being back at preschool, and I am going to really enjoy the much needed "time off".
Thu 10th: Even that first morning out seems to have helped energize me. When her carer came around this morning I even had the mental energy to sort babies clothes. I got them into 6 different size piles and allowed Ruth to choose some clothes from the three smallest piles for babies "first outfit". We have no idea how big she will be, so it's good to have a few choices out (it feels like absolutely ages since we had a baby in the house). Then the rest got bagged, tagged and boxed. They will live in the garage for now and then once the earthquake repairs are done, we can start looking at actually setting things up for her arrival.

Asher was singing one of her favourite songs this afternoon "I've got a teddy bear". I quickly found a doll for her to use as the teddy bear to encourage her to sing the whole thing. Such a cutie.
Ruth got motivated by my sorting today and decided to start sorting through a box of things that had been taken off the bookshelf months ago. She managed to leave a smaller box for me to sort and a number of things got thrown away and put in recycling. I didn't quite have the energy for that today. It's a box that I know I still need to get to within the next couple of weeks.
Friday 11th: Wonderfully Asher had 3 days without seizures. It's gotten to the point where I actually just forget about when the last one was and so when she had one today at 6:45am, it felt like we had enjoyed a bit of a break.
Unfortunately she was jerking so much afterwards that it took her a good 20 minutes to finally fall asleep and rest.
Saturday 12th: She found this beanie in the washing and looked so cute with it on.
Daniel came for a visit this weekend. It's now a set routine for the younger ones for them to all head up to the park on Saturday afternoon. Hezekiah got spoilt with a lift home today.
I was then spoilt this evening at the Value event run by the Equippers Church in town, for female carers. I enjoyed back, foot and hand massages, a facial, got my nails painted and enjoyed their lovely snacks
 I missed it last year, so was pleased to be able to get to enjoy the special evening out this year. What a treat. And so good to catch up with other mothers, some I have met before and others just new people you meet as you wait in line for activities.
Sunday 13th: This afternoon Daniel helped stabilize my computer cabinet. We bought it 2nd hand almost 10 years and I have been very nervous about moving it for the upcoming repairs. It's been patched up with nails and glue over the years, but it was far from stable. So today it got a big back board put on, and it was pulled straight for the first time in many years.
We had some board in the garage, but it wasn't big enough to do in one go. So he did the bottom section (with that little extra bit) first and then did the rest of the top in another piece.
Thank you so much Daniel.

Ruth decided to do some flower arrangements today. The daffodils were just too pretty to ignore.

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