Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ballet concert 2016

Opening scene with Ruth and Hannah. As the younger girls are always around when Rachel has her practices, they got asked to be part of the opening scene. This meant that they got to be a part of the shows on Saturday too (just for this scene for the 2 shows on Saturday). Today was their "official" show day though, so they did their other dances for the 2 shows today as well.
With me doing the curtains for the other 3 shows, I got to see the girls from close up. I was especially impressed with Hannah's acting. She uses so much expression and does a great job.

Then Peter Pan meets Wendy in the streets (Rachel wearing a jacket). This is a dream come true for Rachel. Not only dancing in pointe shoes, but with a main part too.

Wendy and Peter Pan in the nursery.

While in Never-land they see some Mermaids. Ruth with her Ballet class.

They had just watched Pixies and so Wendy dances around pretending to be a fairy (the fairies come on next). So special to see her so comfortable on her pointe shoes. Great job Rachel.

Ruth and Hannah in their pirate scene with their Jazz class.
With having helped with the curtain for the shows on Saturday, I almost felt like I enjoyed watching it even more today. It was an excellent production and the girls all did an amazing job.

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