Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Destination Unknown

Hannah's class doing the Samoan Dance. Hannah is far right in the 2nd row - so you don't get to see her much.

There were some speaking parts for their class and I was pleased to hear Hannah had put her hand up to have one. Great job Hannah. We heard her nice and clearly on the night - the sound on the video is not as good as when you are there.

Ruth was a part of the "main cast" but she got to join her class with the Brazilian Carnival dance. She was a little tired tonight though. Not only from last nights production and late night, but also because she was running around playing before tonight's show. ;-) When she watches it she says she doesn't have as much energy as the other shows.

It was great that they wrote some lines especially for Ruth being born in Africa. :-) The whole production was written by the teachers. They did a great job.

We had to smile with Ruth saying "Dankie". She doesn't speak Afrikaans herself at all. :-)

And then some of the lines from the last scene. Ruth did well with all her lines - as did all the others. I thought it was really great that all the children that auditioned for parts got to be in the main cast. A great reward for their effort and they all did really well.

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