Sunday, March 13, 2016

Little person and new little car

Wednesday 9th: Tactile fun at the Champion Centre this morning.
Specifically giving Asher a different opportunity to use the cutlery that she loves packing.
Ruth enjoyed the play dough table while we where with other therapists.
Friday 11th: Asher enjoyed putting Dad's sleeping shirt on this morning.

And then she tried his gown on too.
Saturday 12th: Hezekiah and I had fun at the local park today.

Hezekiah didn't want to go down this big slide, but I suggested we go together. So he sat behind me and enjoyed that - so we did that a couple of times.
Climbing practice.
My favourite photo from the day.
And then in the evening we headed down to fetch Rachel's car. Yes, Rachel bought it. Sure, she can't drive it for a while still, but she is graciously allowing me to use it until then. We have so much travelling to do each week with only 3 people in the car, so this will save us so much money on petrol as well as wear and tear on the van.
In term 2 Ruth will be attending the  loacl school to give it a trial, so I won't have her with to accompany Asher on our Champion Centre trips. So the smaller car also makes it more possible for me to go on my own with Asher.
Sunday 13th: I so enjoy watching these two play. I eventually got some video footage of them playing, so I will hopefully get to load those soon. Proof that our cat wags her tail like a dog.
The girls helped me get some painting done this afternoon.

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