Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Family outing, Macbeth and point shoes

Sunday 6th March: Asher had a 2 minute Tonic Clonic this morning while we were at church. With it being the first Sunday of the month there is a lunch after church. While we were sitting at lunch, Asher has a short vacant seizure and was rather sleepy afterwards.
She had a good sleep when we got home and then a bit later in the afternoon we headed out to a fun open day at the Waipara Adventure Centre.
The kids had a great time.

It was a pity I didn't get a better photo of Asher enjoying these tires - as she went wondering off with Brendon and lad another 2 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. She didn't breath well through it and stayed pale for a little while afterwards.
Then it was time to enjoy a swim in the river. Ruth didn't hesitate and was in so quickly. Hannah and Hezekiah were a lot more weary.
They headed around to the other side where it was not as steep. This was a lot more comfortable for Hannah.
Asher didn't sleep very long. I was glad we had her pram with.
Ruth so loves swimming.
And I think Asher loves it just as much. So it didn't take long for her to want to join them. She was a bit unsure about the muddy floor though.2
Monday 7th: Ruth had an appointment at the orthodontist today. As suspected we won't do anything now, but can at least keep track of how the teeth move over the next months and years. At some stage she is going to need something done as one of her top teeth sits very far back and goes behind the bottom teeth when she bites. She has a few adult teeth to still come through though, so we are hoping that helps improve things.
Ruth got to enjoy their computer games while Rachel had her check up.
Tuesday 8th: Rachel and I had a great time at the Court Theatre today watching a Student Matinee of Macbeth. It was a real blessing to have such wonderfully discounted prices and then we got the added bonus of a question and answer session with the director after the show.
The play was brilliantly done and we both really enjoyed it. We need to be more aware of these productions in future as it would be nice to bring Ruth too. We felt Macbeth was not appropriate for her age, but there are other Shakespeare plays that I think she would really enjoy. Rachel and I are hoping they do Twelfth Night next year, as that is our favourite.
There is another student matinee coming up in a couple of months time, so perhaps Ruth can join us for that one.
I dropped Rachel at her ballet teacher's home on the way home as we were just to early for her lesson. I then fetched Ruth and brought her back to pick up Rachel and get them both to St John. Thankfully I was just in time to get a photo of Rachel on her point shoes. So a very special day, but one filled with lovely memories.

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