Thursday, June 11, 2015

Indoor castle and a Brownie promise

Tuesday 9th: I had asked the children to clean the castle off so we could bring it inside. They took it apart today and gave it a quick clean. It wasn't quite ready to come in, but it was a first step.
On Tuesday Joanne walks to our place after school and gets a lift to dance with us. She is always welcomed by Asher, who hugs her and plays with whatever she can find (zip, buttons, earring, clips).
In the evening Asher enjoyed wrapping herself up again. So sweet (even though it is a bit harder for me to keep an eye on her and make sure she is fine).
Wednesday 10th: Today I decided to get the castle cleaned off myself. It didn't take long for Hezekiah, then Hannah and Ruth to join me. With the little bit of demonstration, they finally understood how clean it could actually get. Rachel was too busy with school work, but we called her over to take a photo.
It didn't take Hezekiah long to get climbing. :-)
Thankfully the slice reverses as a step. So for now I will only have the step side up. I'm not going to push things too quickly with Asher's motion. We have kept her from jumping, swinging and sliding for so long now. I will only bring them back slowly.
One happy little girl.
The physiotherapist had noted how much Asher loves climbing (she climbs on everything she can find when we are at Champion Centre), so I was very motivated to get this inside for her and give her more opportunities to climb (and hopefully safe my lounge furniture which has been what she uses to climb).
I know this is going to give her hours of fun.

On Wednesday evening Asher had a 2 minute Tonic seizure and went very blue with it. It was different to other tonic seizures in that her arms and legs were not straight and stiff, they were bent and stiff. Her hands totally spastic as the muscles all just got so tight.
On Thursday morning at 7am, she had another tonic seizure, this time only 1 1/2 minutes. Her limbs were again stiff in a bend but this time she had very small shaking (a little like shivering). Thankfully after a sleep she was back to her normally happy self.

I could not resist taking this photo of the snow capped mountains when we went to fetch Rachel today. So beautiful. And I love that Brendon has said he never gets tired of how beautiful it is. He told Rachel that the most beautiful time is just as the sun is coming up. The lighting and colours are just magnificent.
An exciting time at Brownies today as they got to try on uniforms from Bronwies all over the world.
And they learnt about the different promises from the different countries. They got written out on flowers, folded up, and when placed in water they all opened up.
It was fun for the girls to watch the flowers opening, and they tried to read some of the promises before the ink disappeared.
And then it was time for Hannah to say her promise. She has been looking forward to being a "real" Brownie for a few months now.
And that also means that she can get all the badges that she has been working on over the last couple of months. She came home with 7 badges, 4 of which she had earned (the others just showing quick Brownie unit and area she is a part of).
Asher enjoying the steps this evening. I thought I would take some photos so I could show the physiotherapist the next day.
Even though she has great gross motor skills, I have seen her balance improving and her muscles are getting a nice workout too. The physiotherapist was so impressed she said they needed one for the Champion Centre. :-)

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