Sunday, June 14, 2015

Giggles and goodbye

Friday fun at Champion Centre. Just look at this sweet little face.
Before that game we had some more concentration work - a new toy with coloured blocks that need to match the changeable card that the teacher puts in. It was so funny, because when she put a block on the wrong colour, Sara would say something like "oopsy" (don't know how to write a sound). Eventually, Asher would start putting in into a wrong place, just to get the reaction. Then she would put it in the correct place. At one point, she only had 2 of the same colour left - so she was stuck with no "error" option - so she took a block out, so that she could pretend to put the other block in that space.
Lots of fun with Sara on the last day with her.
Ruth had a bit of fun with the dress-up corner today.
Ruth also enjoyed using the hoop and ball while Asher had fun walking along this bench. Holding both hands for the first try.
And then already confidence to just hold with one hand. Ahser spends so much time racing around, that it's always nice to see her slow down and try something that takes a bit more concentration.
Saturday 13th: Brendon worked in the morning. The girls have been making omelettes the last few days. Brendon got a cheese and ham omelette for lunch when he got home. Ruth took this photo of her and Rachel's creation - a pizza omelette - with tomato sauce, ham, cheese (and olives for Ruth's half).
Sunday 14th: Photo time with Dad before he headed off at 9am for his week of training in Australia. He took Rachel's camera with him, so when I eventually get to download those photos - I will do a blog post with all the details.
I loved Asher's sweet face on this photo - but the quality of the photo wasn't great - with no flash being used.
This photo with the flash was nice and clear, but I missed getting a smile on Asher's face. So I just can't decide between the two photos - so I will include both. :-)
On Sunday after Asher had her nap we headed down to the Redepenning family. Hezekiah had a great time driving the remote control lego tractor that the older boys had built.
Ruth and Hannah will spend the week with them so that it's easier for me at home this week without Brendon.
If you are wondering why I would need to do this, you could have a read here. In short - life is very different (and very much harder) with Asher's epilepsy. If I had all 5 children without Brendon (and the break that he gives me with Asher) the week would be very hard, and I know Brendon would be worrying about me. So I thank the Lord for the blessing that the Redepennings are to all of us this week.
I took this photo of Asher on Sunday evening, thinking about perhaps needing to make a card for "food time" - with her at the table. I'm not sure if it will ever be needed for that - but it ended up being a cute photo.

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