Sunday, June 7, 2015

Learning, playing and eating

We were very grateful to be able to make it to Champion Centre on Friday. Asher had a seizure on Wednesday evening at 7pm. A short 1 minute semi-conscious one. On Thursday evening at 6pm she had another 1 minute semi-conscious seizure, this time going blue around her mouth with the compromised breathing. So we were disappointed when on Friday morning at 7:30, she had a 1 1/2 minute seizure. This one started as a vacant one but after a minute she went very stiff (tonic). She slept for an hour and seemed well enough - so we headed off.
Asher's Early Intervention Teacher, Sara (pictured here), will be leaving in a couple of weeks. So we got to meet the new teacher today.
We had discovered this game last week when she had been rather grumpy. She can't but help smile when she hears the funny noise the shapes make as they go down the tube. Today we were wondering if it was that she found it so funny - or that she loved the smiles that she got from each of us. Sara and I tried to say "serious" but there was no way we could not smile at the happy little face that looked up at us after each shape.
Ruth always enjoys building different things with the blocks in the play room. Today she created this block man and asked me to take a photo.
While I chatted with the speech therapist, Asher happily played with puzzles, and Ruth built a lego man to keep the block man company. ;-)
Asher always enjoys the new games the physiotherapist has for her to play with. It was nice to see her taking her time walking over the bars of this ladder. She often races around so fast.
Hezekiah found overalls in his draw today. He was thrilled to be dressed like Dad is dressed for work.
What to do when you have extra eggs - make meringues of course. :-)
We use Xylitol for these - so they take a bit longer to dry - but it's lovely to have such a nice sweet treat for the kids which is not loaded with sugar.
Ruth took some photos and I have to include this one - with Rachel caught on the side there pinching off the top (it was obviously just way too high). :-)
And I let the girls help "clean up" afterwards. I asked them to pose for this photo.
On Saturday Brendon headed out with the older 4 children to a party at the river.
I knew they would be doing a sausage sizzle for lunch - so I treated my family to some gluten free "shop" bread. It does make it much easier to eat the sausage. :-)
Happy 5th Birthday David.
It was really special that David thought of Hezekiah when he considered who to invite to his party. Hezekiah is only 3 now and at first it's natural to think it's a big gap. It is only 16 months though. And in 10 years time, the difference will mean almost nothing.
Brendon got this lovely picture of Hezekiah checking things out. It was so nice for me to have loads of photos to go through. I could enjoy it with them.
Cooking marshmallows too - always fun on an open fire.
And enjoying the river and rocks as well.
Thank you to the Love Family for including the Bucklands. It was a really special time.

Rachel got picked up just before the end of this party though, and headed off with a ballet friend on a belated 13th birthday party. They did indoor archery on the other side of Christchurch and had a wonderful time. Rachel made some new friends too (she only knew the birthday girl). Some like minded Hobbit / Lord of the Rings / archery fans. :-)
Puss enjoying the Sun on Sunday morning.
Hannah was colour coordinated with her strawberry ice-cream-Sunday today. :-)
I had mentioned that she could leave off the wafers (as Hannah is off wheat) and so Deb but some mini marshmallows on top for her instead. What a lovely surprise.

I enjoyed a delicious gluten free brownie with whipped cream. And a few spoons of Hannah's icecream. We had a lovely time together.
We were rather quick on our outing, so when we got home I suggested we build the Noah's Ark puzzle she has been wanting to build for a while.
Asher being a cutie with her new Champion Centre homework. This week I told you about how she would take time to look at each animal's face before she would be able to find the one I had asked for. It's been interesting to watch her with the cards. She recognises the animal on the card immediately (probably because you can see the face in each photo) and it didn't take her long to find the "same" animal as the photo.

She no longer has to look at the faces of the real items to know which one she wants. But if you ask her for something, she will find the card first.
She has a set of 6 toys and 6 teddies with matching cards.
Hezekiah again looked so cute in his shirt for church tonight. I mentioned that it would be so nice if he had a tie. So Ruth ran off and got her St John tie for him to use. And I love it. I will have to see if I can find some for him.
Looking like such a smart young gentleman.

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