Monday, February 24, 2014

Family fun

Saturday 22nd: We dropped Rachel off at 8:30 for her lift to the Hurunui Youth Camp up in Hamner. Rachel was surprised to see so many other girls from our area at the pickup.
Ruth was the only "big sister" here for lunch though - and she decided to make "pizza bread" for Hannah. Red capsicum and olives were on the menu today.
Ruth also helped Rachel by getting some of her mucking out done while she was away. From the house it looked like Brooke helped too and they also spent a bit of time giving Auto some attention. Apparently if you don't, he just keeps putting his face right up on you and will follow you around the whole time. So it was nice for Ruth to get to do this "on her own".
Rachel got back around dinner time on Sunday. It was great listening to all the fun things they got to do. A big highlight was going on the water slide at Hamner Pools. I think we are going to have to try and make a plan to visit there again as a family. Both Rachel and Ruth would love to go on the slides together.
The camp was a "leadership" camp and it was great to hear how well Rachel did and how it helped to "come out of her shell" a bit. She is very sensitive about her accent (as she has gotten teased quite a bit about it in the past) and so it was great to rather have comments from other people about how they liked it. It boosted her confidence a lot.
Monday 24th. This was all that was left on the bite on my other food on Monday morning. I lost almost 3 solid nights of sleep because of the pain and was very thankful to have the pain finally gone. I am also thankful that Rachel did not have any pain while she was away - despite all the bike riding they did.
After lunch on Monday - having a tickle session before their nap time.
Just before dinner the girls were showing us this game they had learnt. It was so cute to watch Asher trying to join in and Hannah did a great job too.
Playing with the iPad in Hezekiah's "tent" before bed. It was rather sweet to see him willing to let Asher play with him.

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