Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dogs, deck and delivery

I am not sure if I made a right decision in allowing the dogs to come into the house. They do love lying at the door like this but we have had a few items taken out the house now and we spot the dogs chewing them in the garden. So we will see if the privileged will have to be taken back.
Sunday 22nd: Ruth being Hannah's hair dresser.

We had booked this floor sander for Monday but the company called and asked if there was any chance of getting it back before lunch on the day. So I suggested Brendon rather pick it up after work on Saturday and so he got sanding on Sunday (also making the most of the sun as there has been a bit of rain about). He first had to get the final few nails hammered down (he did a load of that on Saturday afternoon) and got sanding just before 10am.
Hannah and Ruth had a nice day together - here they are working together on the dishes.

Brendon making great progress on the deck. He quickly worked out how to get it to work really well and the result looks wonderful. This is just an hour and a half.
It was a day of visitors with Brook and Briar coming over. The girls played a bit of "go fish" and then spent time enjoying the wonderful collection of dress up clothes that Briar has.
The girls decided to do biscuit deliveries in their dress up. What fun.
Almost 3:30 and Brendon was rushing to get the last exposed bit done as the weather was changing and dark clouds were heading our way. He managed to get this top section done and the weather was holding out so he got started on the stairs. Just as he did that though the one belt in the sander stripped and it put an instant stop to his work. How frustrating. He realized the belt had been playing up through the whole day and when examining it - saw that it was in fact the wrong belt. Thankfully on Monday morning he was able to get a new belt for it and quickly finish the steps and get the sander back to the shop before 11am (so they were able to close at the time they had hoped). We were also very pleased to have the main sanding work done before Christmas.
Asher loves books. This book is one that my older brother gave to Rachel when she was a baby. It's done really well for over 12 years and 5 children.
Asher enjoys Ruth's piano / xylophone too. Nothing like getting that love for books and music in early. :-)
One of Asher's favourite games at the moment is to pull the scatter cushions off the chairs and to play with them on the floor. This is where I have had to tell myself to not stop her from having fun (when she sometimes rolls off the cushions) because of fear of the possible negative impact the rolling could have. I have to allow her to have the fun that she wants to have.
We all have so much fun laughing with her as she plays "peek-a-boo" from behind the cushion. Looking like a little turtle with it over her. She then throws it off and laughs at our reactions. What wonderful times of fun and enjoyment as a family.
Asher also likes just crawling up to the cushions and resting her head on them. I have tried to get a photo but as soon as she sees me she get sup. Rachel was so pleased when she was able to get a photo for me. Such sweet memories.
Tuesday morning saw Brendon working on the edges where the floor sander could not reach. He bought a really good scraper and had a little helper who would brush the paint pealing away.
Because Brendon is on leave we decided to have our main meal for lunch and then bread for dinner. Ruth had fun making Hannah's bread for her. A lovely friendly salad face. And yes, those are olives. Ruth, Hannah and Hezekiah have enjoyed them so much over the last little while - being even happy with bread, butter and olives.

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