Saturday, October 12, 2013

Meeting the Puppies

We headed up to the Spencer's for the girls bible study this afternoon so that we could get to meet the puppies before hand. We are planning on taking two of these (there are 5 all together). Rachel has the biggest boy.
Hannah has our first choice of boy - he has a little black spot in his stripe.
Ruth has the little girl we would like - with the solid black on her head. The Spencer's have been calling her Shadow and we quite like that name for her.
Left: Hezekiah having a cuddle with Shadow.
Right: Brendon was the one that choose this little boy over the bigger one. He spent quite a bit of time cuddling him.
Right: A side on shot of the little boy. Name still to be decided.
It was nice to be able to get to choose which ones would be our "first choice".
Left: The big boy. He would be next on our list. It was also nice to get a few photos with them so young. In a couple of months time we can compare photos and see how much they have grown.
Left: Rachel giving Shadow a cuddle.
Right: Asher getting a touch too. With the way she is with Patches - I am sure she will absolutely love having dogs. Here you can see the little black spot on the back of his neck.

What a treat to get to meet them and enjoy some time with them.
So small still. They will be weaned around the end of the month or beginning of November - so there are a few weeks to wait still. Rachel is the most excited of all the children.

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