Friday, October 11, 2013

Asher's lip tie fixed

Monday 7 Oct: On Saturday I downloaded a few more free applications for the iPad (free in America on the Friday). This one is so much fun for the puzzle loving Hezekiah.
A different picture for each letter of the alphabet. This is the "learning" area where you just complete the picture with the different items. There is another section where you have to choose the items that start with that letter.
This is an example of what it looks like when they start. Then they have to find a spot for each of the items. Hezekiah quickly learnt that if he puts the bigger item on first - then he can't see the lines for the other smaller things. So he knows already to put all the little items on in their spots and the big ones (which automatically go behind). It's so much fun watching him play and learn.
Tuesday 8 Oct: Asher just loves crawling over to the toy boxes in this are and unpacking them. The one is filled with smaller musical instruments which she also enjoys shaking (or biting). The other is the car box and she loves going through all of the cars. She has a favourite one with a nice thick aerial that she likes to chew on. :-)
And just for the record - it is wonderful to have totally missed the baby food stage. I can just dish up food for Asher - exactly what her siblings are eating and other than perhaps leaving out the beans, carrots and corn (just a bit too hard with no teeth to chew) she absolutely loved this food. She has just gotten into really enjoying the food now and it's amazing how much she will eat. I am so glad I don't have to buy baby food (or make it). What a blessing.
Wednesday 9 Oct: Finally the day for Asher's lip tie to get fixed. First they wrap her up (to help hold her still) and give her some glasses so the dentist light won't worry her. At this stage she was happy and full of smiles. It did not last long as she soon tried to get her arms free.
The procedure was really quick though. Some anaesthetic gel on the tongue tie but an injection on the lip tie as it's more sensitive.
If you want to have a close up look at how big that lip tie was - just click (or double click) on the photo. You can see why it could have caused a permanent gap between those front teeth. It's a rather big one (very wide at the top and it goes very far down on her gum - all the way to the edge).
Right: Here is a photo taken that evening. Already healing up very well. For at least 10 days I have to lift her lip regularly so that no scar tissue develops (and it does not tie itself back).
Did you know that scars in your mouth are white?
I had so much fun this evening with the youngest 3. I would build towers for Asher and when she knocked them over a would say something and they would all laugh so hard. It was one of those times where I could feel how "laughter is medicine for the soul".
Thursday 10 Oct: Asher just loves Patches. Her desire to get nice and close has also meant she has learnt to crawl really quickly.
And Patches is so patient. Often Patches will even walk up to Asher and rub up on her and Asher is so pleased. It's wonderful how much babies love animals. I think Asher is going to just love the puppies.
I also love how babies love looking at other babies. The books with baby faces are by far Asher's favourite and she now also enjoys crawling over to this mirror so she can have a chat with that friendly baby. It just means we have to start washing that mirror a lot more now (it's getting so dirty with her hands on it so much).
She also loves pulling herself up on things. Brendon gave her a little bit of help to get up here but she thought it was so much fun to stand there.
Friday 11 October:
Ruth has started on the "Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool" curriculum. You can have a look for yourself here. It's a very comprehensive (and totally FREE) on-line curriculum.
One of the items on her list this week was starting to learn to play chess. Today she learnt about the chess board and got a certificate for getting 100% on the quiz. Ruth is so excited about learning to play chess.
Hezekiah loves pushing Asher around in the walking ring and today gave the doll a ride too.
Asher's lip is healing so well.

Rachel and Ruth were so pleased when I suggested we make an apple crumble today for tomorrow's breakfast (as the oven was going to be on for dinner). Ruth was even more pleased when I asked her to rub in the honey and butter. One more skill learnt and one more job I can hand over. :-)
I need a full cup of walnuts for the crumble and Rachel was more than happy to sit and crack nuts for me (she really loves the crumble). She had a friend visiting and the two of them sat and cracked a whole bag full of nuts for me. What a blessing.

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