Friday, October 4, 2013

Asher is crawling

Photos above: Getting Asher interested in music early. :-)
And look how strong she is. "Look Mum, only one hand."
This week Rachel spent on a horse camp at Kowhai. She left on Sunday just after dinner and got back late on Friday evening. She had an amazing time and I am so glad she got to have such a wonderful experience. I think it was a much needed break for us all.
Photos below: Brendon took these on Tuesday evening. Hezekiah and Asher just love playing with my hair (Hezekiah has since he was a baby). I had to laugh when Hannah decided to join in too.

 Asher is just 7 1/2 months old and  has just managed to start crawling forward. As soon as I got the camera out she was more interested in talking to me though. I include the video though as she is such a sweety and it's nice to get to see the interaction live (rather than a photo).
 Thankfully she did adjust to the camera being out though and so I managed to get a video of her first day of crawling. Still really slow and having to think about moving each arm and leg. It's just wonderful to watch them learn though. It was only days and she was so quick and you could see there was no more thought even needed.
We really just had loads of fun this week. It was lovely for me to have a "holiday" with the school holidays this week. No ballet transport and no school work to get done with the girls.
Hezekiah and I had fun sorting some of the toys into colours on Thursday. He turned 2 on Wednesday and I did not even get a photo of him on the day. We are waiting for Rachel to be back from camp though to celebrate. So we are just leaving it all for Saturday.
Being such a great big brother on Friday and giving Asher a swing.
She was really happy out there until she saw me. Then she got all serious and looked like she wanted to climb out.
My little boy sure is growing up.

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