Sunday, September 29, 2013

Puzzles for Hezekiah and food fun

Wed 25th: I love how babies learn to go backwards before they learn to crawl. Brendon, Rachel and I remember Ruth doing this too. It won't be long now before she is crawling all over the place. Already she moves around the room so quickly.
Hezekiah is learning to be a good Dad. Giving the baby something to drink. He does enjoy playing with the girls dolls and I think it's totally natural for him to do that. He sees his own Dad caring for Asher - so why not copy him. He has a great role model in his Dad.
Building towers for Asher to knock down. She has SO much fun with this. If you make a nice sound as she hits it over then she laughs so much. The one day I had Asher and Hezekiah knocking my towers over and Hezekiah was laughing hysterically.
She found another chair to reverse under. :-)

Hezekiah has really been enjoying all the different puzzle type games on the iPad so I thought I had better get some real puzzles out and see if he can do it "in real life". I was amazed to see how quickly he was just "seeing" where they went. He has never played with these before (I had just forgotten about them).
He went through the whole lot in no time at all.
This helicopter was a bit more tricky and slowed him down a bit. This time he had to try different things and eventually I suggested he put the big green piece in the middle section first.
Even the girls take a bit longer to build the middle section of this one. So it's nice to have a bit of a challenge.
I got busy with Asher and when I looked again he had tipped them ALL out.
He diligently re-built them all though.
Thursday 26th: Oat past again today. I wanted to make extra so that I could see how well it stored. It was so successful with the girls though that I had to cook up the extra bit for 2nd helpings. :-)
We didn't have bible study tonight and so these two got some nuts cracked for me. The children LOVE the apple crumble for breakfast and so are always willing to get some nuts prepared so I can make it.
Saturday 28th: I treated the family to a very special breakfast today. I made THM crepes (so no flour). We had savoury first with ham and cream cheese (ham made from the last pig we got from the farm and home made cream cheese). Then we had some mixed berries with cream. With a couple of cinnamon and Xylitol (rather than sugar) once the berries were used up.
Sunday 29th: The girls were THRILLED when I made more sane meringues yesterday (to stay in the oven overnight). It was more specifically for Rachel to be able to take some healthy treats with her on her horse camp this coming week (leaving this evening). These don't have sugar but Xylitol - so are not fattening or bad for your teeth. :-) I made smaller ones this time so that we could easily add them to an Eton Mess - the girls favourite desert at the moment. We did a big batch of rolos too so she was well stocked. :-)

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