Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photos from Liz

It was just wonderful having Liz come and visit with us for 2 nights. We headed into Christchurch on Wednesday morning to pick her up and I made use of the on board baby sitter.
While Liz watched these three having  fun on the rides (the girls had taken their money with specifically for this) Rachel and I did some shoe shopping for her. Can you believe she takes the biggest ladies size shoe? The one really nice style was just too tight (with no bigger size) but we were thankful to find two other styles that fitted and are lovely (and the 2nd pair was only 1/2 price).
This "ice cream truck" was by far the favourite with Hezekiah and he has been talking about riding in the ice cream truck for over a week now. :-)
This whole blog is based around the photos Liz sent me - taken on her phone.
Asher is enjoying sitting at the table with us at meal times. She does not get much food in yet but enjoys being a part of it all.
Such special memories of a very special visit. The funny face from Hannah is because she is concentrating on how to take the photo.
Asher still getting to know Liz and not full of smiles for this strange looking camera.
Hezekiah took to Liz quickly and the older girls were thrilled to have Liz come visit - they remember our visit with her in South Africa last Feb. Ruth took this photo of them.
Rachel coming to show Auto to Liz. Georgia and her often ride Auto bare back.
These three showing off their forward rolls and cartwheels (for the girls that is although Hezekiah has done forward rolls well for so long it won't surprise me if he learns to cartwheel soon too).
The girls asked if we could close the curtains and have candles. That is the one problem with summer approaching - it's just too light for candles when we have our early dinner.
Liz enjoyed all the food ideas I have been able to share with her from Trim, Healthy Mama. We had a carbohydrate free dinner (the adults at least as we had cauliflower mash instead of mashed potatoes like the children) and so we enjoyed this lovely "Eton Mess" desert with meringues made with Xylitol instead of sugar. Check out the recipe here. It's such a change of thinking when a meal like this is healthy and good for weight control - even with lovely cream. :-)
The children showing off their marble chaser.
And then some of their dancing with one of their favourite DVDs - JAM - Jesus and Me. No surprise to have Rachel reading. :-)
A nice shot of some of the garden. It makes me appreciate how much lovely space we have. It's sometimes good to look at things from someone else's perspective. Liz just kept commenting on how strange it is to not have burglar bars on all the windows and no security gates on the doors. What a good reminder of how blessed we are.
These two clowning around for the photo.
Ruth and Hannah have their jobs in the afternoon which they normally do once Hezekiah is in bed. With Liz joining them they went earlier so that Hezekiah could go with too.
First job is giving the horse water. I just love how Patches goes with the girls every day. I will see her spot them and run over as if to say "hay - why are you going without me."
Hezekiah was thrilled to be able to help today.
Photo below: Saying hi to the horses. Liz was just taken by all the beautiful snow caped mountains around us. Such good reminders to us of how absolutely beautiful the area is that we call home and can enjoy every day.
They are very friendly horses but the girls know to always be careful. This is why Hezekiah is not allowed to go over without an adult.
He was so pleased to be included today though. And there comes Patches. Such a sweet thing.

The daffodils are so lovely.

And such a variety too.

Then it's time to collect eggs and check the chooks food and water. We have forgotten that in SA you only get brown eggs. We have white and a light blue with 2 of our new chooks.

Hezekiah always happy when he gets to go with the girls.

Below: the view of the garden from the chook run. We are very blessed.

I wanted to show Liz a bit of the surroundings on Thursday so just after lunch we took a drive to the pig farm that Brendon works on and did a big "block" coming back so that Liz could see more of those stunning mountains.
We had bible study on Thursday night and Holly came for dinner before as she often does. It was lovely for the ladies to meet and Liz was so pleased to be in one of Brendon's bible studies again. She has fond memories of the bible studies he led when we lived in Polokwane.
Asher moves around a lot already and this is one of her favourite position - on her side so she has a hand to grab things and can look around at what everyone is up to.
A nice one of the older girls. Liz has applied for her NZ Passport as her grandfather was born here. The girls are all praying that she would be able to move HERE (not just to NZ but into our area). And I selfishly would love that too. It's been so lovely catching up with Liz again and it reminds me of the wonderful fellowship we have always enjoyed.
Thanks for Liz, for squeezing us into your busy schedule while you were in NZ. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and will be praying much for you over the weeks and months ahead and we look forward to seeing how the Lord directs you.

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