Monday, September 16, 2013

7 months and 14 photos

7 months old today and nice to get her monthly photos on the day for a change.

Sweet little girl. It was a bit hard trying to get her to look at the camera today as she was loving watching Hannah and Hezekiah playing behind me.

Such a happy little girl.
As soon as I was finished with Asher Hezekiah said it was his turn. :-)
Happy little monkey.
Some photos I took early this morning with Asher still in her pjs. She loves playing with Hezekiah's toy bugs. And she regularly gets herself into this "ready to crawl" position. I don't think it will be long before she is crawling.

Photos below: And sitting so well already. At this stage I was still nervous about her falling backwards so I put some pillows behind her. I realized though that she does not need them because if she does roll back she holds her head up so that it does not hit the ground. So she really is strong.
She also loves the present Rebecca and Karyn bought for her when she was in hospital.
Hannah got "Look at me I'm moving - Vol 3" DVD from the correspondence school. We have had it a couple of times in the past and really enjoyed it (so much so that we asked the teacher to send it again if she could). Hezekiah has enjoyed it so much though that I decided to buy a copy for us to have. It will get so much use and I can see how much they are learning too. I bought the rhythm sticks years ago because of this DVD and know that it will be very well used. Hezekiah already gets the sticks out and asks me to put it on. So many different songs on this DVD and they learn so many different things. So much fun for them and for me as I watch them.
The tramp has been fixed and moved into a better spot. The girls moved their camping things down a bit. I love how they have made a cooking area with poles (and an old bread machine tin hanging there for the pot).
Its wonderful to see them all having so much fun outside together. Today they were doing all different tricks on the tramp. It was so cute to see Hezekiah up in this position too. Not so much pointing his toe as balancing on Rachel's leg on one foot.
Such a beautiful day. Enjoying the sun while we have it as it's typical spring weather were it can change so much from day to day. I have not cropped this photo at all as I like the balance of it.
Here is another one cropped so that you can see a close up of Ruth's mouth. Both front teeth out now. She would fit in well with the street musicians in Cape Town. :-)

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