Sunday, March 3, 2013

Toy library and photo with 5

Friday 1st March: It's probably been a year since we used the toy library but after getting the invoice for the yearly subs and chatting to Brendon I realized that I just needed to get back into the habit of using it. So today's plan was for Rachel and Ruth to go with Hezekiah. They were told they could get a ride on toy for Hezekiah (which Ruth pushed him back on) and then 1 other indoor toy (which came back in the pram). Hezekiah just loves having a tractor to ride on and the transport carrier with it's two cars was a huge success too. Good choices girls.
And you can see the back of the stork that has been gracing our gate - just to make sure everyone knows this is where the new born baby is. :-)
Although Asher is too big to fit on the single couch it has worked nicely for some of her naps as she struggles a bit with stomach cramps and keeping her legs up helps a bit with that. Such a sweety.
Hezekiah loved helping Dad wash Ruth's hair today. I will tell you - her hair feels wonderful when it's wet - so I don't blame him for enjoying playing with it.

Saturday 2nd March: At this stage it's easier to get the monthly children photo when Brendon is around to help with putting Asher next to Hezekiah. So I got her all dressed up in a lovely dress she was given (thanks Lisa).
So here is our first children photo with Asher.
Making the most of having Dad home on Saturday.
And Hezekiah can even be a part of the game. When the Campbell boys were here they had a bit of a competition going as to how many shots you could do in a row. So the competition kept going between Brendon and Rachel. :-)
Sunday 3 March:
Rachel has been doing some jumping practice for the upcoming Derby. Finally got a photo of her this afternoon.
And she came over for the other children to get to say hi to "Auto".
Brendon just had to make sure Hezekiah kept his fingers out of Auto's eyes. He really is a wonderfully friendly horse. Rachel is so blessed to be able to ride him so often.
Asher struggles with tummy cramps at times but Dad is a great help in getting her to sleep when she is tired but uncomfortable. Such a wonderful father. I am so thankful for him.

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