Friday, October 5, 2012

Church Camp - Friday

This is some of the beautiful view from the dinning room.
This morning's bible study time worked a lot better as my group moved to the room next to our bedroom so when Hezekiah needed to go down for his nap I could put him down and go to him when needed without missing much. The previous day the preschoolers where there and kept him awake (I missed 95% of the study). We had a great time chatting through some questions that related specifically to the excellent messages from Conrad.
On our way to camp we stopped at the shops in town and the girls all bought Hezekiah something for his birthday. I bought some paper too so he could have some fun unwrapping them during this afternoon's free time (I had forgotten yesterday).
He loves his ball and it really got him motivated to take more than just a few steps. He is definitely right footed and just loved kicking it around.
And then having some fun time playing around with Hannah. These two have so much fun together.
The older girls even got a swing dance lesson which they really enjoyed.

Then time to enjoy the sun outside. Little Eliya is actually a couple of days older than Hezekiah. They were sitting playing with grass and twigs so nicely. I finally went to get my camera but by the time I had gotten back she was on the go. So this was the best I could do. It will be lovely to see these two together again in the years ahead. It was lovely meeting the Gonen family and I am so pleased Tehila is on facebook so that even though a number of hours separate us geographically - we can still keep in touch.
At least I had my camera on hand this time. We met Jim and Jean Hogg a few years back and were so pleased to see they were visiting NZ over our camp time. It was lovely getting to spend a bit more time with them. Jim especially reminded me of my own Scottish grandfather. Around tea time today Jean got playing with Hezekiah. She would bang on the table and then he would copy her. She would count each time "one, two, three". He had so much fun. I can tell it's time for some great-grandchildren for her... ;-)

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