Sunday, October 21, 2012

A couple of photos from our week

Monday 15: Ruth created this today. Extra pretty on her dark skin. It makes me think of Peter Pan - the kind of thing Wendy might have made. :-)
Tuesday 16: Ruth has outgrown the violin we were given but it fits Hannah well now. Ruth has started giving Hannah some lessons. So sweet.
The girls were pleased that school had started up again this week as that means ballet lessons are back on. They are probably the only children in the area who are glad when the holidays are over.
Wednesday 17: Ruth has been asking Brendon to run with her lately. So they have started running down the road and hope to run further each time. We don't have proper shoes for the girls - so they run on the grass barefoot.
Thursday 18: It was lovely to have Jim and Jean drive up from town to join us for our bible study (and for Jim to lead it). I am upset that I did not get my camera out and catch a few shots. Not long after they arrived Hannah was up on Jean's lap and then through bible study Ruth sat on her lap. It's so lovely to see someone oozing the love of Christ so much that little children are just drawn. What a blessing.
Friday 19: And with the school starting so does Play Centre. The only struggle for me after the holidays is finding the motivation to go out. I get so comfortable at home with the children. We had a nice time out though and Ruth helped me make some flapjacks for morning tea. They are not called crumpets in NZ and I actually have no idea of how to spell their name here. Is it pieclets or perhaps piclets? American pancakes could perhaps help to describe them.
It was special to get this photo of Hannah reading to Hezekiah in the afternoon. I can see a lot of this happening in the months and years ahead. He is so sweet. He knows what section of the bookshelf has his books and so he walks over - picks out a book and then brings it to you to read. Another book worm in the making. :-)
And talking of book worms - Here is how far Rachel has gotten through the book Katrina lent her last Saturday. Not far off half way through a thick 700 page book. Unfortunately due to some areas that need work in her life (as with all of us) we have had to start taking reading privileges away from her as the consequences for certain things. So she was not allowed to read at all this weekend. Hopefully this will be the motivation she needs to "pull up her socks" and it won't need to happen too often.

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Holly Sterne said...

Piklets is the spelling Belinda. Essentially a small and slightly fluffier pancake. Traditional topping jam and cream :) Yum!