Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hawaren Derby

Rachel has been so excited about being a part of the Derby today. She went off early with Christine to get Auto ready and we met them there before the first event. Hannah enjoyed giving Auto a pat before they got started.

Rachel's first even was the "Derby" - doing very small jumps in a laid out course. I was almost in tears when they read out the results and Rachel had placed FIRST!!!! She even won $15 gift vouchers. Well done Rachel. For only having ridden for just over 2 weeks you have done so amazingly well.

Hezekiah enjoyed sitting with Rachel for a bit. He did really well with the wind that picked up every now and again.
There were so many events that I will have to let Rachel put more photos up on her blog and tell you all about it. This is a nice one of her doing the barrel race.
We really enjoyed watching all her events. One of the hardest was the Handy Pony where there is almost an obstacle course laid out for them and they have so many different things to do. Rachel did so very well on this and placed SECOND!!! Again - well done Rachel. For your first every Derby you have done exceptionally well.
There were 6 events in total and it was lovely that they got a ribbon for every event. What a wonderful experience for her.

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