Friday, March 30, 2012

Food, food, food

The girls have spent hours playing outside this week with all their plastic food and their bikes. It is so much fun watching all the creative games they come up with.
We headed into town on Thursday so that we could try out some mattresses. The new bed we bought less than a year ago has been so uncomfortable since we got back from SA and so I finally got around to calling and had someone come and have a look at it last week. He agreed that the bed had "dips" - and Brendon and I are not the heaviest people around. He did suggest however that instead of just getting the same mattress that we look at replacing it with a firmer one. I had actually shown him the previous mattress we slept on (now in the girls room) and this was when he realized how firm we like it. We were so amazingly blessed through this. After discussing the options with the salesman he suggested a much firmer mattress and said that - even though it was $1,000 more than our current mattress - there would be no cost. I was overwhelmed. What a HUGE blessing.
Ruth had asked that we get pizza for dinner as we had not had pizza in quite a while. That worked out to be a brilliant suggestion as they have a lovely special on Thursdays and so we bought enough for 2 meals and can look forward to pizza from the freezer in the weeks ahead. Hezekiah enjoyed some time on the floor after our trip to town. It was a lovely warm day - dressed like that at 8pm.
I got a big grocery shop done while we were in town (as you do) but felt a bit frustrated when we got home as I had no idea where to put everything. Brendon came up with the idea of using a book shelf. I quickly made some space in the laundry and was thrilled with the extra space it created. And although I did stock up on tins of baby food - I also bought pumpkin to cook up for Hezekiah.
I got a good amount of pumpkin cooked up and bottled on Friday. I must have gotten around 3 leters done. At least this will last for a couple of week.
It's easy to see why Daylight savings will be changing on Sunday. This sunrise photo was taken at 7:45. So from Sunday that will be back to 6:45.

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