Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday Rachel

Although her birthday is only next week her pary was today. Instead of me creating and making the cake - Rachel is now at the age where she is excited about making it on her own. I did come up with an idea earlier this week - the few hours before I woke up one morning. She had told me she wanted something with horses and jumps perhaps so my mind played with a lot of ideas while I slept and so at least I could be a part of the designing side of it.
Well done Rachel. You did a great job.
Again it was a small party (as with Hannah) with just the Spencer family invited. Grace and Hayley are her closest friends - so it was special to have them here.
Christine had offered to bring Auto down to give the children rides. How special for all of them and how nice for Rachel to share her passion with them. The four older Spencer children enjoying their turns. Ben was home with Dad as he was not feeling great and Joshua decided he was happy to just give Auto a pat.
Ruth and Hannah patiently waited for their turns. They have been looking forward to this the WHOLE week.

And even though Rachel was not planning on riding herself (she did not even have her riding hat out) Christine asked me quietly if she could have a ride when the others were finished. So She took the lead rope off and let Rachel ride down the road.

Christine then headed back with Auto. Rachel asked her to please come back to have some cake - so she shared the celebrations inside with us too.

I really do have a young lady in the house. It's such a blessing to see how much Rachel is growing (and not just in height).

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