Monday, April 2, 2012

Apples, a horse and a cat

While Brendon was at work yesterday morning the two older girls helped me make apple sauce. It's mainly for Hezekiah but they are looking forward to having Roast pork again soon so that they can enjoy some of it too.
Ruth did a great job of working the peeler (which also takes the core out and slices it.)
Rachel then cut them in half and checked for any skin that had been missed or any brown bits and got them cooking. She also helped Ruth put the next apple on as it was a bit hard for her.
Once it was cooked I got it all bottled. They made around 8 liters of apple sauce! Thanks so much girls. I am sure Hezekiah and you are going to enjoy it so much. And thank you Lord for the free apples. :-)
After lunch (before Bible study) Brendon took the younger girls down to have another ride on Auto. It was nice that he got to go with them and they were thrilled with the extra ride too.

This one is a nice shot because you can see our house in the background. This is how close Rachel is when she goes riding.
Hannah looks as though she wants to head for that barrel and do some barrel racing like Rachel. :-)

And today I got a photo of Hezekiah trying to give Patches a nice pat. He is actually mostly really good about not grabbing her fur and is learning about being gentle.

This one is not as clear a photo but a cute one of how happy he is when he gets to wipe her.
It was also lovely to have Kerry and Victoria drop in for a visit this afternoon. It was a well timed visit too as Grace had just learnt of her dog dying that day and so Rachel was able to be an encouragement to her. She learnt how to show sympathy (weep with those who weep) and then also help her to think on other things and happy things and Grace really appreciated Rachel's input. What a blessing.

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