Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vervet monkey visit

I picked the right day to remember to get an early morning sun rise shot. This one taken at 5:30am.
And this one taken at 5:40am. Thank you Lord for the enjoyment of your wonderful creation.
I went out for my early morning walk as usual – doing laps around the camp as the walking trails between camps have been stopped (I think mainly due to the introduction of cheetah to the game lodge). As I was coming up from the swimming pool I heard baboons in the trees just down from me. I took a photo with the ipod (which I have with me to listen to my bible reading) but quickly headed back to the room to see if anyone wanted to come down and have a look with me. I managed to then get this better photo with my camera.
Caylin arrived last night – so the girls were thrilled to get together with her this morning.
Hezekiah was already having his first morning nap at 8am and the rest of the family was down at bush camp for breakfast. I was happily working on my blog when I heard a noise in the kitchen. Thankfully by the time I got there this monkey had already left the house (I would not have liked to get between him and the door). Unfortunately he had managed to steel one of my lovely big mangoes. I went towards the door to close it and got a fright as the monkey tried to come towards me. I quickly got all the doors closed and sent a text message to Grandpa’s phone letting them know that I was surrounded by monkeys. There must have been at least 6 of them.
Brendon quickly headed up and as he got to the house he made his baboon noise and a loud bang on some wood. It worked well in scattering the vervet monkeys but also gave me a fright as I thought they had been scared off by baboons. I was relieved to see it was just Brendon. This baby was happy to be independent of it’s mother until the “Baboon” arrived – as soon as Brendon made the noise it jumped onto it’s mothers tummy and they were off. I was not happy about loosing my mangoe but I was glad the girls got to see the monkeys.
More regular visitors to the house are lots of squirrels. They are normally too fast to get a photo of but I finally got one today. I remember having these little ones getting into the house to steel bread during one of our previous visits to Mabula. Thankfully this time they stayed outside.
At 9 we headed down for another family game drive. I will put all those photos in a separate post. Thankfully Caylin was heading off for a lion drive otherwise the younger girls would have wanted to stay and play with her. We were all back for lunch and Hezekiah was a magnet to Caylin who really enjoys babies.
Hezekiah has learnt to roll over this month. He can really move around (he started off in the middle of this blanket).
After lunch the girls wanted to head down to the pool again. I again got down close to the end of their time to get a few photos.
They had a great time playing with Caylin.
Rachel kept me company through Hezekiah’s late afternoon nap (before dinner) and we played rummicub and then I taught her rummy. Brendon came up a bit later and the three of us had a few games of rummy together too. I have not played rummy in years as it was banned by Brendon as I won every single game. At least today the winning was shared between Rachel and I.
After dinner it was time to roast marshmallows. Unfortunately the fire was too hot to be using normal forks – so the girls decided to use candles instead.
The three younger girls played really nicely together and were very disappointed to hear that it was bed time (even though we had given them almost an hour extra to normal bed time to play). One of the “games” was that they took turns holding this book (the welcome book to Mabula) and told the others a story. It was fun hearing the different things they each came up with.

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