Monday, February 6, 2012

Shopping day

Brendon took the younger girls to the shops this morning as Rachel had gone out with Nana. They were kitted out with their new sunglasses, necklaces and handbags (thanks Aunty Joan). It was great for Hezekiah to just be home today with me. So far he has been spending an hour and a half each night - in the middle of the night - wanting to chat. So hopefully we can get him into a good routine in the new time zone soon.

Grandpa having a chat with Hezekiah.
One of the items Brendon bought was a sim card and some pay-as-you-go airtime. Craig has given us one of his old phones to use while we are here - so at least we have a cell phone while we travel around. We did not even think of bringing our own - but at 50c for a sim card it is easy enough to do. And putting R60 on it is only $10. We really are having to convert everything back to NZ$ though as things would sound so very expensive otherwise. We have totally forgotten what the value of SAR is (and inflation has changed things a lot in the 4 1/2 years since we left).
Rachel back from shopping with Nana. Nana had bought the younger girls each a special doll. The "big gift" for Rachel was a watch. Instead of buying it before hand she waited to go shopping with Rachel so that she could try on and see what she liked. She chose a lovely silver watch which will last for many years.

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