Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A visit and the park

It was nice to have another quiet day at home today. Graham and Aleks come over for a visit and had lunch with us which was nice. It was great to get to have the extra time getting to know Aleks. Graham had asked Brendon if he would marry them while we are all here and I suggested we plan for this Saturday when the whole Collins family are away together. They were very pleased with the suggestion and so it's all go for organizing things for this weekend. All really exciting.
They both love spending time with Hezekiah - so enjoyed the extra time to play and cuddle him today.

The younger girls have been having so much fun with the tea set Nana bought for them to play with. She also bought Hannah a hat and beanie as she knows how much she likes them. So here's Hannah with her hat - put on skew but looking so cute.
Brendon actually forgot to buy the airtime for the phone yesterday (only getting the sim) so he walked to the shop with Hezekiah this afternoon to get that. Hezekiah loves being outside.

The girls watched some TV this afternoon. I was wondering when that would happen. It's a nice change for them and it gives the grandparents and parents a break. :-)
Nana playing with Hezekiah. He was laughing so much every time she lifted him up.
Grandpa then felt energetic and decided to take the girls to a park. Brendon went with and took the camera - so I got loads of photos of their time. Here are a few nice ones.
They went for milkshakes afterwards but no photos of that. They were in a rush to get home as Rachel made curry chicken for dinner.
Some help from Grandpa
Big girl all on her own.

Hannah loves swinging.
And they all had some fun in the sand too.

We had to smile at Hannah this evening as she copied Rachel - sitting very seriously "reading" her book.

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