Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last days before we fly

Monday: We had an early start today so that Ruth and I were on our way to town by 8am - having dropped Rachel and Hannah at Lynn for the morning. Ruth had a follow up appointment with the surgeon after the Umbilical hernia op she had last May. Unfortunately there is a hernia above where they fixed and so she will need surgery again. This may also be why it's not as flat as she would have liked - so it will be good to get it properly fixed.
It was really hot when we came home after lunch and so Ruth fell asleep. One good thing about the move was that I found this harness for a lap belt. It worked really well in that Ruth could sit next to Hezekiah. I stopped at the recycling place in Amberley on the way home and managed to pick up some wonderfully big boxes for the vegetable garden.
There are road works at two places on the road to town and so I wonder if we are going to have to re-think the time we leave for the airport on Friday.
Rachel and Ruth went to fetch the post this afternoon and also spent some time with their new friends from the neighbourhood. Ruth has been so looking forward to riding up with Rachel.
Hezekiah was exhausted from our day out and so he slept from his 7pm feed. This allowed Brendon and I to get some more weeding done. It was such a beautiful evening and so nice that it's light till after 9pm. Even though it was "work" it was a lovely time together.
Tuesday: Thankfully Hezekiah is sleeping through the night again (going from his 10pm feed to 7am) and so I woke up early this morning and got to see this stunning sunrise.
While I was having my daily walk we noticed the play centre teacher walk past. I quickly stopped and went out to talk to her. The girls were so excited about going today. Their first time to walk over. Rachel walked with them and Patches even went with. Rachel carried Patches home though as Rachel said she was quite tired. On cats - Tiger has been missing for 3 days again which is horrible. I do hope he is ok.
Something that the younger girls have been doing often over the last few days is going through the prayer cards for all the family. They don't know every one's names and so this is especially helping Hannah to get to "know" them all a bit more. It's quite cute to see Ruth being the little teacher.
Along with getting bags packed today I also got loads of weeding done which was great. As Brendon and I finished the hot house last night I got started on the "fruit patch" and got this top section finished.
Ruth wanted to help this afternoon when I went out and so she helped by taking the staples out of some of the boxes.
They really are nice big ones. Yesterday Lynn said we could get a couple of bales of silage from them for the garden. What a blessing. So Brendon collected one on the way home this evening and it was great that Ruth and I had this bed ready. Brendon and I just managed to roll the bale off the ute onto the box. We will have to get more boxes down tomorrow though and do the job properly.
Rachel's job today was to get Nana's birthday present finished. Her and Ruth have been working on it for a couple of months now. We had hoped it would be done before the move and were definitely not planning on leaving it this late. But all the things we need are accessible and it should be done soon (she made good progress on it today). It's Nana's 70th birthday when we are there - so it's really special that we can celebrate with her.
By the end of today we had 3 of the 4 check in luggage bags packed and 1 of the 4 hand luggage packed. My list of things that need to be packed is there and I am slowly working my way through it all.
Wednesday: Almost my whole morning was taken up with Hezekiah. He struggled at his first nap and so I ended up having him in the carrier for my walk (it was the only way I could get him to stop crying and sleep). He was fine from 10-11 but then the crying started and almost did not stop until we left for the doctors. He has not been his happy self the last 2 days and has been rubbing his one ear - so it was good to have him checked out. His ears and throat are fine. We have no idea what the screaming was all about - but I am glad it did not repeat itself in the afternoon. I was exhausted though. Thankfully Brendon was home just before 3 and so I had a much needed afternoon nap. I would have liked to help him in the garden but just had no strength left. He put boxes down in the area of the fruit patch that I had weeded and got them covered with the straw. It will be great to come back and have it nice and neat. I did manage to get a bit more packing done today and so our check in luggage is 99% packed. I will finalize the hand luggage tomorrow.

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